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Electric inertia chassis dynamo

Retractable turntableThis is a chassis dynamo that simulates running resistance
The following specifications are possible.

Roller drive type
1. Single roller (diameter 0.6 to 1.3 m)
2. Twin roller (specified diameter as user like)

Absorption, number of drive shafts
1 motor :Normal driving resistance (roadload) is possible with motor type 2wd, 4wd vehicle
2 motors :system In addition to specifications of 1, it is possible to simulate such as adding speed difference between front and rear wheels
         Applied clutch, right and left speed is also possible by option
4 motors :system In addition to the specifications of 2mortos, it is possible to simulate the speed difference between the left and right wheels 

Features of Sun Engineering Electric Inertial Chassis Dynamo
Adopting a large capacity permanent magnet synchronous servo motor for the dynamometer. Output of 4 kw to 200 kW on one axis
High precision speed detection with high resolution encoder with 1 million revolution per rotation.
High-speed, high-precision measurement control realized by Ethercat network communication.
It can be used for passenger cars (2WD / 4WD), motorcycles, multi-axis large vehicles
Power regeneration of the servo motor can reduce the amount of electricity used in the factory
In addition to normal running resistance (roadload), various simulations such as ABS,TCS,ESP test are possible

◆Incidental equipment

Tire friction noise elimination device It reduces noise due to static electricity caused by friction between the tire and the roller (150 kHz to 110 MHz bandwidth) Ideal for evaluating audio in the running state of the vehicle.
Variable & mu; mechanism The friction coefficient μ; can be physically set by the idle roller adjustment mechanism
When driving torque of the drive roller is different from other rollers while running Apparent μ variable is possible by attaching
Constant road level adjustment The roller pitch adjustment mechanism makes vehicles of all tire sizes to a certain road level (twin rollers)
Wheel base automatic adjustment mechanism Automatic adjustment to arbitrary wheelbase by caterpillar type moving floor.
Engine cooling fan Vehicle speed following type or arbitrary variable type
Tire cooling fan It blows up from under the tire.
Vehicle centering mechanism Set the wheel on the roller top(Single roller only).
Vehicle fixing device Embedded vehicle fixing hook.Tension display available
Antilock prevention device / safety fence Install in the vicinity of the roller to prevent accident by any chance


Multi-axis chassis dynamo

Even more than 8 wheels such as special heavy-duty trucks are available

 It is a 6 axis multi - axis traveling robot testing machine
It can be tested from running resistance including inertia to durability test



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