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EMC test facilityEMC test facility 

Chassis dynamo retractable turntable (patented)

Retractable turntableIt is a turn table of full machining.
By special design there is no gap between the table and the surrounding deck.The table will be completely flat when Chassis dynamo tored.
Since the entire surface of the table is grounded, excellent site attenuation characteristics can be obtained.


Chassis dynamomerter

In full-specification, two-wheeled vehicles or four-wheeled vehicles could be placed in the table center, furthermore there are specifications that allow the front and rear wheels, the left and right four rollers to be individually variable in speed。
You cat test various simulations such as ABS, ESP and TCS in addition to normal running resistance (roadload).Of course multi-axle cars are also possible.

8-axle truck in anechoic chamber



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