Sun Engineering Co., Ltd. is an engineering company specializing in control design production.

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We have A reliable technology that answers advanced demands of users

All products of Sun Engineering Co., Ltd. carry out simulation by advanced analysis method( modern control theory, FET etc) Manufactured with reliable design technology taking account of actual data based on many years of experience
Anechoic chamber chasisdynamo,turntable、 Servo motor applied equipment,etc
We have experience in a wide range of engineering fields

Automobile test facility 
chassis dynamo
Turn table・driving robot forCHDY

Simulation Test

automation、labor saving equipment

Servo motor applied equipment
Cleaning Drying equipment
Fully automatic washing and drying machine

Batch type washing and drying machine
Simple washing machine

Various testing machines

  • We are producing various simulation test machines
    Power absorption, attitude control, inertia control, please consult even if there is no precedent.
  • In raod load
    you can test with varying orientation, angle and attitude of test stand
    It is possible to make any kind of testing machine even if it is a moving object (robot, etc.) that requires power .

    Please consult even in special atmosphere such as harsh environment, hot, cold, strong electric field, even in the situations that should not emit radio waves.


December 2016
Two types of running and durability testing machine of 6 axis rollers for robot were delivered to public institutions.
January 30, 2017
Updated HP.


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    Yout can see the sea and Mt. Fuji from the window of our         laboratory on the hill.