Sun Engineering Co., Ltd. is an engineering company specializing in machine production

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Company name
Sun Engineering Co., Ltd.
Masahiro Goto
Head office location
Takeoka 175-93 Futtsu city Chiba
TEL. 0439-67-3427
FAX. 0439-29-6207
2013 january

Industrial Machinery Design Production, Plant Equipment
Various machine installation work,
electric instrumentation
Automobile test equipment, robot, cleaning and drying equipment, energy saving / labor saving equipment


We will make cutting-edge machines that can answer the needs of high-level customers demand。

Message from the President


Hello everyone

I'm president of Sunengineering Co.,LTD.

Our testing machine such as Chassis dynamo etc areshipped after elaborate trial run like this ?

About 40 years for making machines, I have made many things from plant design work to robot
I am from mechanical engineering but since I was a student I formed a program in fortran,with a lot of holes in the paper tape.
It is now a really useful time.
You can debug while typing, PC will do the strength calculation.
I appreciate the world that made such a convenient one well.
However, I think that the fundamentals of machine design think and design everyday how to make simple things of purpose.
I will continue to focus on developing new products and improving the performance of conventional products and I would like to be of service to everyone.
(I applied for 2 patents last year)

Corporate history

Sun Engineering Co., Ltd. established
I was Director and technical manager.
I founded new Sun Engineering Co., Ltd
Delivered chassis dynamo retractable 7 m turntable to major automobile company
Delivered retractable 7 m free rollers to major automobile companies
Establishment of laboratory
Chassis dynamo retractable 10 m turntable, chassis dynamo retractable 7 m turntable Delivered to major automobile company
Deliver chassis dynamo retractable turntable individually to four wheels Deliver it to a major automobile company
this is the first time in Japan in the anechoic chamber.
6 × 2 axis robot running tester, durability testing machine Delivered to public institution
Deliver EV dynamo to third party safety science test company
this is the first time in Japan in the anechoic chamber.



Takeoka 175-93 Futtsu city Chiba

TEL 0439-67-3427
FAX 0439-29-6470