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๔๒Šฃ‘‡‘•’uWashing machine@

Cleaning and drying facility


@ seisaku itashimasu. Cleaning and drying equipment We can manufacture washing machines for various work such as open tank, pressure tank, poly tank. Automatic labor saving is also possible with a label descaler, a cap detaching device for a container with a cap, material handling for loading and unloading into a washing machine, etc. In addition, we design and manufacture facilities for product shipping processes such as cleaning confirmation inspection equipment after washing and drying, filling machine, labeler, palletizer etc.

Open tank cleaning and drying facility

Pick up the side by side, invert it to the face down, put it in the washing machine automatically, dry it and arrange it in the stock yard.




Takeoka 175-93Futtsu city Chiba

TEL 0439-67-3427
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